Friday, May 22, 2015

Woohoo! 20.000!

Here it is, post number 20.000 on the Tabletop Fix! #
Pretty big number, isn't it?

And with the 5 year anniversary coming up later this year (hint, hint!) I decided to just take a break to celebrate :)

So no news today, I'll see you again tomorrow.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Onslaught Miniatures - Hellborn Discordia Squad Preview

Onsluaght Miniatures announced the 6mm Hellborn Fallen Sisters Discordia squad:

Link: Picture on facebook
Link: Onslaught Miniatures

Bad Roll Games - Indiegogo Update

The Punkapocalyptic Indiegogo campaign is now fully funded and Bad Roll Games published new previews:

Link: Campaign on Indiegogo
Link: Bad Roll Games

Anvil Industry - New CRANE Infantry Preview

Anvil Industry presents another picture of the updated CRANE infantry for Afterlife:

Link: Picture on Kickstarter
Link: Anvil Industry

Creature Caster - Emperor Dragon Preview

Creature Caster present the Emperor Dragon:

Link: Picture on Kickstarter
Link: Creature Caster

Perry Miniatures - New Previews

Perry Miniatures published previews of upcoming releases:

Link: Pictures on facebook
Link: Perry Miniatures

The Ion Age - 15mm SuperBlue Adder Preview

The Ion Age presents the prototype of the 15mm SuperBlue Adder:

Link: The Ion Age

Burn In Designs - Interior Furnishings Release

The Interior Furnishingsset is now available from Burn In Designs:

Link: Burn In Designs

Willy Miniatures - New Release

Willy Miniatures offers the Just Married Goblins:

Link: Willy Miniatures

Table Full of Awesome - Kickstarter Ending Soon

The Table Full of Awesome Gaming Terrain Kickstarter is ending soon:

Link: Campaign on Kickstarter
Link: Table Full of Awesome

Warsenal - New Infinity Camo Marker Set

Warsenal updated their Infinity Camo Marker set:

Link: Warsenal

Harebrained Schemes LLC - Golem Arcana Sale

Harebrained Schemes LLC announced a sale:

Link: Harebrained Schemes LLC

Steamforged Games - Guild Ball Token Stes

The Guild Ball token sets can now be pre-ordered from Steamforged Games:

Link: Guild Ball

Spellcrow - New Preview

Spellcrow presents a WIP picture of new Guard heads and weapons:

Link: Picture on facebook
Link: Spellcrow

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Flytrap Factory - Netherworld's Edge Kickstarter

Flyrap Factory and ZombieSmith launched the Netherworld's Edge Kickstarter:

Link: Campaign on Kickstarter
Link: Flytrap Factory

Puppetswar - New Orc Walker Previews

A new Orc Walker has been unveiled by Puppetswar:

Link: Pictures on facebook
Link: Puppetswar

Meridian Miniatures - Steam & Aether Standard Bearer Preview

Meridian Miniatures presents the Steam & Aether civilian standard beare:

Link: Picture on facebook
Link: Meridian Miniatures

Skullduggery Press - New 15mm Previews

Skullduggery Press published a new preview of their 15mm Dark SciFi range:

Link: Picture on facebook
Link: Skullduggery Press

Sally 4th - New Pub Release

Sally 4th added a Pub to their photo-realistic building range:

Link: Sally 4th

Dream Pod 9 - King Cobra Preview

Dream Pod 9 presents the King Cobra for Heavy Gear:

Link: Picture on facebook
Link: Dream Pod 9

Warlord Games - T-1000 Preview

Warlord Games presents the T-1000 for Terminator Genisys:

Link: Warlord Games