Monday, September 22, 2014

GCT Studios - Sukoshi Kani and Nomi Preview

GCT Studios presents Sukoshi Kani and Nomi for the Silvermoon Trade Syndicate:

Link: Bushido

Rocket Games - New Last Saga Previews

Rocket Games published new previews for Last Saga:

Link: Pictures on Kickstarter
Link: Rocket Games

Ax Faction - Urban Monster Hunter Release

Ax Faction released the Urban Monster Hunter:

Link: Ax Faction

Prodos Games - New Warzone Resurrection Releases

New Warzone Resurrection miniatures are available:

Link: Prodos Games

Mierce Miniatures - Kickstarter Update

The Darklands: New Kindreds Kickstarter Reached several stretchgoals:

Link: Campaign on Kickstarter
Link: Mierce Miniatures

Terragnosis - New Sulphur Previews

Terragnosis presents new previews for Sulphur:

Link: Terragnosis

Hasselfree Miniatures - New Resin Masters

Two new resin masters of a male and female secret agent are available from Hasslefree Miniatures:

Link: Hasselfree Miniatures

Laser Craft Art - New 28mm Building

Laser Craft Art released the 28mm Three-Room Adobe Compound:

Link: Laser Craft Art

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Ninja Division - Relic Knights October Releases

Ninja Divison announced the October releases for Relic Knights:

Link: Ninja Division

Dream Pod 9 - Peace River Argos Pre-Order

The Peace River Argos can now be pre-ordered from Dream Pod 9:

Link: Dream Pod 9

Bandua Wargames - New Infinity Tokens and Templates

Bandua Wargames released new tokens and templates for Infinity:

Link: Bandua Wargames

Willy Miniatures - Beargobbo Preview

Ramos Galery sculpted a Beargobbo for Willy Miniatures:

Link: Picture on Ramos Gallery
Link: Willy Miniatures

Inro Games - 19 Kingdoms Kickstarter

The 19 Kingdoms Kickstarter is now live:

What we are offering:
Early access to the 19 Kingdoms core game. Which includes 10 resin minis, 110 Realm cards, Q-workshop custom dice set, full rules.
Very limited edition miniatures with maximum runs of 200 before the moulds and masters of each and every mini are destroyed.
Every miniature comes numbered and signed.
All our miniatures come with Illustrated Unit profile cards, custom bases and free protective transport cases.
The chance to have your name on the published game. Become one of our play testers and be part of the 19 Kingdoms team to help refine the game before its official release.

Link: Campaign on Kickstarter
Link: 19 Kingdoms

Tor Gaming - New Previews

Tor Gaming presents new pictures of the soon to be released Orcnar and The Chronicler:

Link: Pictures on facebook
Link: Tor Gaming